Hi, my name is Øyvind "Garrador" Andersson.
I'm 19 years old and live in Norway.

I'm currently employed at Monochrome Games, that are in the working of a promosing indie game; Contagion
Monochrome Games

I have also been working on many modifications to the Source engine (HL2 Games), such as:
Zombie Panic: Source Position: Lead 2D Artist, 3D Artist Released, and one of the most played MP mod for Hl2 out there! Zombie Panic: Source HL2: Wars Position: 2D Artist ( HUD Design ) HL2: Wars Subvertus Position: Texture/skin artist and prop modeler The mod unfortunatly never made it

Contact: oyvind_a[at]vestlan[dot]com

Skills Breakdown

- Very fast learner
- Understand most or any concepts within game creation and how all things work together.
- Worked on several modifications and working on one Indie.
- Can communicate and work well with a team.
- Good eye for detail.
- Passion for game creation/design
- Creative
- Can work from concept and design documents.
- A passion for playing games aswell!

Photoshop 7.0-CS3

- 7 years experience (Advanced)
- Texture specific: Experienced with normal maps,
specular maps, alpha mask's, displacement map's.
-Texture porting to: Source, company of heroes, Unreal 3, crytek.
-Other: Can create various 2D/3D art such as website design and wallpapers.

Valve Hammer Editor 4.0:

- 4 years experience (Advanced)
- Input/Output use
- Very good Scripting
- Very good displacement creation skill
- Very good brush/architechture skill
- Very good texturing and alignment
- Very good lightning abilities
- Very good scenery creation

3DS Max 7/8/2010/2011:

- 3 year experience, self taught.
- Working on my 1st year in 3D Game Design & Animation course
- Modeling any props, view models, high resolution models.
- Basic animating knowledge
- Can unwrap UVW's.
- Work with modifier stacks
- Can create advanced renders.
- Know how to bake different maps, such as normal/bump map, ambient occlusion maps

Mudbox 2011

- Intermediate Knowledge
- Good understanding of sculpting tools and how to use them
- Can create high poly versions of models that would need a normal/bump map.
- Can bake normal/bump map from High poly sculpt


- Basic knowledge
- Can bake normal/bump map from high poly sculpt
- Can create high poly versions of models that would need a normal/bump map.